We are a family-owned cannabis lifestyle brand started in 2019 by Afro-Latina twin sisters. We wanted to create a business seeded in our common passion for holistic healing, community, self-determination, plant medicine, and love for Mama Earth. We don't claim to know it all, but we invite you to grow with us in rediscovering all the healing nature has to offer and our connection to each other. We are reclaiming our power to truly live our best lives! To learn more about our founders check out our blog post.


People are suffering everyday. Millions of men and women are dealing with chronic daily pain and prescription drug addiction is rampant. Anxiety is the most common mental illness in the U.S., yet only about 36% receive treatment. We have also witnessed many of these issues firsthand as our mother and so many of our friends and family suffer from diabetes, osteoarthritis, PTSD, and more. Our mother was actually one of the biggest inspirations to explore CBD and to create this brand.


CBD can help manage symptoms for many different conditions including anxiety, depression, chronic pain and acne, all of which can hinder us from living life to the fullest. All of our products are infused with Organic Full Spectrum CBD oil. The hemp used to make our CBD is USDA certified Organic, hand-harvested, eco-responsible, and ethically grown to help Make Life Buena!