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RUN IT BACK: Social Equity & Cannabis Hearing at Atlanta City Council

On August 26th, one of our co-founders was invited by The Black Futurist Group and CannabisNoire to speak on a panel at Atlanta City Council regarding social equity and Cannabis. Council members Antonio Brown, Matt Westmoreland, and Andre Dickens were in attendance to discuss how the city of Atlanta can develop a plan to help people of color enter the Cannabis industry as well as how to support their businesses.  The hearing began with a brief background about the Cannabis industry. Several ideas for social equity programs were introduced and all council members were interested in furthering the discussion to...

Supporting Black-Owned Businesses Benefits You Too By: Dayna Laureano

August is Black Business month, and even though it's almost over there are many reasons to support them regardless of the season. Buying from local black businesses is a beautiful, intentional act. Spending your money with a black-owned business is spending your money on a dream and being able to feel the effects of helping that dream much faster than spending with a larger one. PLUS small local businesses like Buena Botanicals are hyper invested in their communities, doing the work to positively impact people and the natural environment around them. Impact- verb: /imˈpakt/: To have a strong effect on someone...

Is CBD For Me? By Dayna Laureano

Who likes acne? Nobody of course! Who likes drugs? We do!   No. Not those types of drugs… we’re talking CBD! In case you haven't heard or your friends haven’t put you on yet, CBD is a naturally occurring plant compound found in the cannabis plant.   Let’s Break It Down… CBD has anti-inflammatory properties along with vitamins A, D and E. Vitamin A has cancer-fighting properties, and helps in collagen production helping to keep your skin healthy. Vitamin D contributes to skin cell growth and repair. It helps with the skin's immune system, helping to destroy any molecules that...

Co-Founder Coral Gets Real with Cash Color Cannabis Podcast

Hopefully you all know by now that Coral is one half of Buena Botanicals. As a co-founder she has played a little more of the background because of her career experience (she touches on this in the interview) but she's been putting in work to get out of her comfort zone as of late! Here she makes her video and podcast debut with Mehka of Cash Color Cannabis, a podcast based in Atlanta! Check her out and feel free to share! You can also tune into more episodes of Cash Color Cannabis by following them on Instagram or listening on their website!

RUN IT BACK: Georgia Cannabis Symposium

On June 25th we attended the Georgia Cannabis Symposium in Atlanta, GA. There we were surrounded by cannabis business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs. Many of them people of color, which was fantastic! The Georgia Cannabis Coalition gave a presentation about the current climate of cannabis in the state of Georgia. They also spoke about the future of cannabis is here in Georgia and also around the globe. After the presentations and Q&A session we had a chance to network with other local and national cannabis professionals. The industry of cannabis is looking bright and we are very excited to be...